Finding Your Unique Performance Path

Over the course of my career, I have written numerous articles, and had the opportunity to work with very talented people in the area of human performance. There is always something new and exciting happening, whether we are looking at how to improve employee engagement or discovering the next generation of leaders within our organizations. […]

Setting the Big One

It’s the start of the New Year and you have some “big” goals you want to achieve. These goals could be personal or career-related. You are feeling highly motivated about achieving these goals, then four weeks pass, and you find yourself off track and back into your old habits. This scenario is all too common, […]

Working faster and more accurately in 2016?

“You have to learn to combine speed and accuracy” Those were the words spoken to me by my grade 10 math teacher, and given the challenges and pressure that most people find themselves currently under, these words have more meaning today than they did way back then in my math class. During a normal day, […]

Clarity Comes Through Doing

I was assisting an organization in the development of a training program for new employees, and at our first meeting I was handed a 110 page learning “strategy” document. Yes, I was astounded by the amount of time and effort someone had put into creating this document. I soon realized that no one wanted to […]

What happened to the other 5%?

I remember when I was in high school I received a 95% on a mid-term exam. I was so happy with the mark that I showed my parents and they were both very happy for me. Then the following weekend, I showed my uncle, who was a very accomplished doctor of veterinary medicine my exam, […]

What Happened to Mental Toughness in the Workplace?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – Unknown I sometimes find myself smiling at these types of motivational quotes. Kept in context, they can serve as a source of motivation and perspective when we incur challenges in our lives. I have been fortunate in both my professional and athletic life to have learned firsthand what […]

What happens when plan A falls apart?

Your plan (A) to deliver a big project is in place. You have invested a considerable amount of time meeting with people to discuss workloads, resources, and critical dates. Then you implement the plan and after a few weeks, everything falls apart. Don’t worry if you find yourself in this situation, most people who have […]

Is business the most competitive sport?

  I recently heard Mark Cuban from ABC’s Sharks Tank say in an interview that business is the most competitive sport there is. Given our modern day world, we don’t always know where our competition will come from, and we certainly have no control over everything in our field of play. Often, people shy away […]

Are you focused on the performance journey?

It’s said that life is all about the journey. To people and teams who are committed to performing at their best, this statement is practiced on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is whether you are a high performance athlete or a person working towards achieving a professional goal, many of us lose […]

Lean In

Have you ever found yourself in a challenging situation where you had the option to take the easy way out? Regardless of the challenge,most people and teams often choose to take the easy way out instead of “leaning in”. When we lean in, we choose to take ownership of the situation; this allows us to […]