How Business Performance Is Like Athletic Performance

If you’re the person responsible for performance in your business, you may not realize that business performance and athletic performance are very similar. Every day, employees face the challenges of burnout, tight deadlines, a competitive marketplace, while attempting to achieve excellence. With athletic performance, however, there are time-tested methodologies and skills that dramatically increase performance. In most businesses, these methodologies and skills are weak or entirely missing.

It’s no wonder the performance of individuals in a company is not reflective of their abilities

Hi, I’m Paul Boston, President of Actus Performance Inc. 

For over 15 years I have been working with Fortune 500 companies helping them elevate their levels of performance in sales, marketing and employee performance.

In fact, improving employee performance doesn’t have to be painful or require an enormous amount of time and effort.  It’s all about understanding the fundamental skills of human performance and applying them to avoid burnout, to meet tight deadlines, and excel within a competitive marketplace. It’s that simple when you know how.

And I can help your business improve their performance.

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