Perform Like a High-Level Performer Boot Camp

“An intensive 2-day program for leaders that need to improve the performance of their organization. Leaders learn quickly and powerfully the performance knowledge and skills necessary to move an organization to higher levels of performance.”

We work with a small group of your leaders and take their performance skills to a higher level in mastering the art and science of high-level performance. Perfect for busy leaders with limited time who need to lead and elevate their organization’s performance. Leaders will learn practical skills on effective action planning, performance mindset and ways to create conversations and environments for performance to thrive. This often leads to increases in motivation and performance of people and teams within your organization.

This practical course demonstrates performance skills that can be applied immediately to organizational situations including change management, sales, new business development, and team and department performance improvement.

Available in 1-day and 2-day formats.


We work intensively with a small group of your organization’s leaders to assess, design and map a systematic program that will add impact to their ability to perform at higher levels across the organization. Perfect for leaders with limited time, and is flexible to their schedule. Save weeks and months of time by working with an expert in the area of high performance. We use interactive lectures, case studies, role play situations and in-depth group discussions to help leaders learn and apply their newly acquired performance skill which will enable them to perform at higher levels, with greater impact.

Why does this approach work?

Many leaders who use high performance skills have experienced career advancement and success in their positions because they can lead and perform more effectively. Top performing leaders use these skills to polish their existing performance skills. The high performance training boot camp targets obstacles and suggests techniques to overcome them; it also supports leaders through change with evaluation, coaching, encouragement and experience.

What results can I expect from the Perform Like a high-Level Performer Boot Camp?

The boot camp is founded on high-level performance knowledge, strategies and skills used by top executives and elite-level athletes around the world. The performance trainer and founder of Actus Performance Consulting, Paul Boston, will be the facilitator for this workshop. In addition, we share a performance checklist approach based on steps which we take you through at the boot camp. This systematically shows you a comprehensive high performance approach to elevating performance in any situation. Also, we share which performance skills are essential given the specific performance situation. In essence, we show you the performance tools you need to consistently perform at a higher level. Then, we work with you through practical exercises so you can see how these performance skills apply to your world. Finally, you take away practical resource materials for your future use.

Can you tailor an approach for us?

Yes. We work across many industries and while they are synergies and similarities in the demands placed on leaders, we recognise that each organization has a particular set of requirements and focus that is unique. Through our meetings and consultation before the boot camp, we will articulate these differences to you and prepare a workshop that is targeted and built around your specific requirements. The boot camp is not designed to fix or solve current problems, but to empower leaders to make a difference in an organization’s performance.

Next Steps

It often helps to move things forward when we speak with the workshop sponsor to understand how this workshop will assist the participants to further their development.

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