What To Expect

What’s it like to work with Actus Performance Inc.?

We provide our clients with the performance solutions that will enable them to continue to improve human performance within their organization. Below you can read about expected results along with gaining an understanding of our guiding beliefs and our unique approach to our performance solutions for clients.

Expected Results

Our clients acquire performance skills and knowledge they can apply immediately within their organizations that have a proven positive impact on their performance objectives.

Objective number one: Results. Too often money is invested on projects that don’t produce results. This is exactly what we want to help you avoid. Together, we set specific, measurable goals and then we take the actions necessary to accomplish those goals.

Discover the performance opportunities within challenges. We want to ensure you capture all the performance opportunities within challenging and changing market conditions.  By working closely with you, we will discover how your challenges can be transformed into performance advantages, unique to your given situation, that will have an immediate impact on your organization and performance objectives.

Move out of survival mode and into thrive mode. You spent lots of time answering emails and attending meetings and you feel your performance objectives are not being achieved. We will work closely with you and your team to shift you out of survival performance mode and into thrive mode where you will immediately gain confidence and motivation in order to achieve your performance objectivities.

Getting the most from your training. We will work with you to understand your current performance training programs in order to gain an understanding of whether they are delivering performance results. We will then provide a performance solution that ensures you will be able to turn your current training programs into high-performance driven training systems that have measureable ROI.

Making SMART goals into reality. You have invested considerable time and effort to develop SMART goals and we will work with you to ensure your SMART goals become performance realities.

Become a high performance leader. You are in a leadership position and face numerous performance challenges every day. Through our high-performance consulting, training and coaching sessions, you will be in a position to lead in a proactive performance approach that will have immediate impact on your team’s overall motivation and performance results.

Desirable and sustainable change. When you work with us you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in your organization’s performance. Team members will learn performance knowledge and skills that will lead to increased motivation and daily engagement which will have a direct impact on your organization’s performance activities.

Motivated action. Learning is great, but knowledge is only potential power, you need to apply this new knowledge.  Our performance solutions incorporate action planning to ensure you apply what you have learned. We then provide key strategies on how to measure and track the performance impact on your organization.

Guiding Values

Performance and results work in tandem. Every organization wants to see positive results however, the performance of its people is critical in order for an organization to achieve their performance objectives. High-level performance goes beyond simply setting objectives and achieving score card performance objectives, it deals with the tangible and intangible skills that make performing at one’s best exciting and rewarding.

Performing well is fun. We work closely with our clients by creating performance solutions that make high-level performing rich and rewarding. Studies have shown that adults learn more and retain knowledge longer when they are enjoying themselves. We bring a blend of insight, fun and levity to stimulate creativity, which in turns, improves performance and can sometimes make the impossible seem more possible!

Performing in a safe environment. Learning new knowledge and performance skills fuels an organization’s innovation and growth. Improving performance is only achieved when people stretch beyond their comfort zone. All our performance solutions create a safe environment where people can learn new performance knowledge, and skills and have the chance to apply them.

Our clients get a lot of attention. Your performance improvement projects are important. Missing deadlines is not an option. So, we meet our deadlines. This is achieved by effective communication throughout the project to ensure delivery of impactful performance solutions that deliver on our promise. Whether in person, by email or by phone, we will keep you up-to-date and the project moving along towards an on-time completion.

Our Approach

We consult first. We meet with all of our clients to gain a full understanding of their performance challenges and where they would like to see themselves at a future date. Together we then develop a strategic performance solution plan that addresses performance challenges enabling the achievement of performance objectives.

Performance solutions that align with organization’s objectives. All of our performance solutions align with your overall organizational objectives ensuring the performance knowledge and skills that are learned and practiced have a direct influence on your organization’s objectives and success.

Direct and honest advice. You will receive direct and honest performance advice conveyed respectfully, even when the message may be difficult for you to hear. We are an objective third party who won’t hesitate to let you know when we feel you are off-track.

Precise and specific advice. When we recommend performance solutions, we make it precise and focused on a particular skill, behaviour or situation. You will not receive general or vague suggestions.

Our Uniqueness

We are passionate about performance and enabling our clients to have the ability to achieve their performance objectives. We draw from a vast range of expertise and successes from the areas of high performance athletics, business and performance psychology to create performance solutions that are relevant to your organization and that will create an enjoyable and results-driven experience.

We believe high-level performance is set in motion when people are empowered to perform at their best. This is possible with creative and targeted performance solution development. This targeted approach allows for quick and accurate performance evaluation in order to continuously improve performance.

Yes, sport does mimic life. Each Olympic year, millions of people are drawn to see elite level athletes perform at their personal best on the World stage. We leverage our founder`s elite level athletic background to create unique performance solutions for your organization that delivers world class performance knowledge, skills and solutions that your organization can use day-to-day to continuously improve performance. By combining elite level athletic skill sets and approaches, you will learn new performance strategies, techniques and skills that work.

We have over 15 year’s consulting, performance, business and training experience and have worked with Fortune 500 multi-national organizations over this period. We understand the pressures and challenges of professionals and organizations so we will not drown you in performance theory – we only give advice and solutions that are tried and tested to produce results.

Next Step

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, visit our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.