Advanced DNA of Performance

The Advanced DNA of Performance workshop is designed to give you high-level performance knowledge and skills used by elite level performers in business and athletics. You will learn how to leverage your current performance opportunities into greater achievements. You will not simply learn how to perform well, you will learn how to be a performance leader within your organization and industry.

What’s in it for me: “To be an elite level performer in today’s world you must always be looking for ways to elevate your performance to the next level.” This often leads to:

  • Increases in product innovation
  • Higher levels of employee retention and motivation
  • Double digit increases in sales and market share
  • Recognition by industry peers and professional groups as a market leader

About the Program

The Advanced DNA of Performance workshop is founded on elite level performance strategies. Participants who take this workshop are seasoned performers that will be challenged to move out of their comfort zone and into an area of elite level performance.

Some of the workshop benefits include:

  • Learning the characteristic traits and skills of elite level performers that enable people, teams and organizations to become world class performers
  • Learning to cultivate existing performance opportunities into achievements for your organization
  • Obtaining the leadership motivational skills that ensure teams and organizations are continually striving for excellence over mediocrity
  • Understanding the skills necessary to stay focused on the process of elite level performance

This is a very challenging and rewarding performance workshop. As such participants must possess a certain level of performance skills and be willing to move beyond their current comfort zone. These workshops are 2 days for 6-8 participants.


Do any of the following statements sound true to you?

  • You find yourself bored or disinterested in just achieving standard objectives and goals
  • You lead a talented team of high level performers however, you are unable to get 100% performance from them during critical performance times
  • Organizational SMART goals are challenging to achieve however, you want to move your performance beyond simply achieving SMART goals
  • You are a “natural” high-level performer however, you thrive on always improving your performance

What You Are Looking For

However, what you would really like to experience is:

  • Thriving at establishing and reaching challenging goals and objectives within your organization
  • More enjoyment in reaching challenging goals and objectives
  • Moving beyond just reaching SMART goals and objectives
  • The ability to reach and achieve goals you thought where impossible

What You Will Receive

The Advanced DNA of Performance workshop delivers the following:

  • You receive a tailored elite-level high performance workshop that addresses your actual organization’s goals, objectives and challenges
  • Proven elite-level high performance knowledge, strategies and skills founded on performance and positive psychology and real life organizational challenges
  • Specific elite-level high performance knowledge and skills you can start applying to your organization immediately
  • Elite-level high performance action planning and mindset skills you can start applying to your performance goals
  • A system to achieve impactful and challenging organizational goals and objectives
  • Ability to motivate yourself and team members to bring out their best performance
  • Teaching methods: interactive lectures, group activities, role playing & case study analysis
  • Up to 8 participants, 2 days

Next Steps

It often helps to move things forward, when we speak with the workshop sponsor to understand how this workshop will assist the participants in furthering their development.

For a private complementary performance consultation, contact us using the form below or phone us directly at 416-429-1247.