What is your Performance IQ?

It’s interesting, living in the western culture, how we have been conditioned to focus on intellectual IQ; some might even say we are obsessed by this singular method of measuring intelligence. With the dawn and progression of the emotional sciences, there is now a growing popularity towards understanding the role that emotional IQ plays in our wellbeing and performance. One thing is certain, with the fast paced world we live in, we need to be smart both intellectually and emotionally.

In the work I have done over my career, there is an overarching IQ which I often refer to as a ‘Performance IQ’. This IQ factor has the biggest impact on career and life success. Similar to the other IQ factors, this measure can grow, as it’s not a fixed trait as we once thought. Here are some skills that will allow you to achieve this.

Resilience vs. Grit

Do you know the difference? Yes, great, then you are on the right path towards building a strong performance IQ. Resilient people know how to survive challenging times, and often find themselves in a constant state of reaction and surviving. People who have “grit” move well beyond just being in a reactive state. They learn from challenges and setbacks and move forward in a responsive way by capitalizing on setbacks and seek out new opportunities.

Learn and Relearn

High performance IQ people are lifelong learners. They are learning something new every day. It’s the one thing that fuels their passions. However, not only do they learn new things, they are constantly relearning things time and time again. This allows them to master their craft, moving from just being mediocre towards being great. Relearning translates into relentless practice.


People who possess a high performance IQ are very agile in their approach to solving challenges and achieving goals. They never lose sight of what they want and how to accomplish the goal. If their actions are not moving them closer to that desired goal, they adjust their approach swiftly.

These are a few of the key traits people with high performance IQ’s possess. The great news, everyone has the ability to learn and apply these skills in order to improve their own performance IQ.

All the best in achieving your highest performance.


Image courtesy of basketman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net