Are you ambitious or competitive?

Recently, I was asked whether I consider myself ambitious or competitive. I must admit, I really had to think about which one I was. Could I be both?  I answered ambitious, yet I have always thought of myself as competitive. What’s the difference? Well, ambitious people lean towards being more intrinsically motivated, while competitive people […]

It’s Time to Thrive Instead of Survive

The modern day work world is filled with challenges and competing priorities. Whether you’re a top executive who is expected to deliver positive quarterly results in addition to being a visionary who leads thousands of people, or you are the person with12 hours of work to do each day, it seems survival mode has become […]

What happened to the other 5%?

I remember when I was in high school I received a 95% on a mid-term exam. I was so happy with the mark that I showed my parents and they were both very happy for me. Then the following weekend, I showed my uncle, who was a very accomplished doctor of veterinary medicine my exam, […]

Paul Boston presents Innovative Employee Engagement To Boost Performance

Paul Boston presents Innovative Employee Engagement To Boost Performance November 25 & 26, 2014, Toronto | Reinventing Performance Management Topic Brief Through employee engagement, your company can sustain a higher level of individual commitment and productivity that will contribute to improving your bottom line. This session looks innovative employee engagement practices to boost performance more […]

Do You Feel Like An Organizational Cog?

“I just feel like a cog in this organization.” “We are just a bunch of cogs.” “No one really knows what I do.” “We are cogs in a big machine and if we do our jobs okay, we will be okay.” I am sure you have heard these sayings before – people feeling like they’re […]

You Want Me To Do What? — Performing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

In today’s modern fast-paced and ever changing world, professionals are often asked to perform tasks that are beyond their “job description”. Often they think, or sometimes might even say to the person making the request, “You want me to do what?”. They simply don’t want to move beyond their comfort zone. The reality is that […]