Human Performance Consulting

What is human performance consulting?

Human performance consulting deals with the intangible and tangible performance challenges and opportunities organizations face. Many times our clients can clearly identify poor performance symptoms however, they are unaware of the real performance challenges they are facing.

Human performance consulting is a systematic method of identifying the real root performance issues and creates performances solutions that, when used, can eliminate the performance challenges and raise the level of performance of teams and organizations.

Our approaches revolve around a simple idea: Improving the client’s performance condition.

One of the fundamental elements of our success is to utilize the existing talents and resources of the organization to enhance customer satisfaction and organizational goals. To improve performance requires investment in people, systems and support structures. However, that investment does not require additional resources, but rather the refocusing and deployment of talents, resources and energy already present.

Actus performance solutions leverages all existing talents in order to address the performance issues which in turn, increase individual and organizational performance

Actus performance consulting works is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources as well as the transfer of performance and knowledge and skills to the client. Our performance consulting engagements are usually completed within one to six months.


Do any of the following statements sound true to you?

  • You have invested time and energy into change management programs but have not seen significant performance results
  • Your current training and development strategies and programs are not producing significant performance results
  • You lead a talented team but they are not performing at their best
  • You have limited resources and struggle to identity where to invest these resources in order to improve the team’s and organization’s performance
  • You are experiencing consistent performance challenges that you have invested time and energy in trying to solve

What You Are Looking For

However what you would really like to experience is:

  • An outside object perspective that can help you clearly identify the performance issues and not just symptoms
  • A person who clearly communicates the performance issues
  • Someone who doesn’t simply identify the performance issues, but assists  you in crafting solutions
  • A person to work effectively and efficiently to uncover  performance issues
  • Someone who helps you implement performance solutions and assists you in adjusting to them without impacting the desired performance outcome

What You Will Receive

Human performance consulting delivers the following to all clients:

  • A consulting process that identifies your actual performance issues
  • Commitment to help you identify potential and actual performance blind spots
  • An unbiased perspective who will tell it like it is
  • Someone who helps you craft a detailed and effective performance change strategy to maximize your organization’s potential and improve overall performance
  • Assurance that your performance improvement objectives and action plans are realistic and achievable
  • A human performance consultant who works with leaders at all levels of your organization to plan and implement changes
  • A partner who will work with you to determine the performance solutions that improve your organization’s performance.

Next Steps

For a private complementary performance consultation, contact us using the form below or phone us directly at 416-429-1247.