High Performance Coaching


Do any of the following statements sound true to you?

  • You are new to a management or leadership position and need to improve and/or develop new performance skills
  • You are making changes to your company or organization which are negatively impacting performance and employee morale and retention
  • You lead a talented team and would like to learn more performance coaching skills
  • You are a committed professional who finds excitement and passion in improving your performance and achieving goals and objectives
  • You are in a leadership role within your organizations and you need to elevate the performance level of your team
  • You possess a great amount of performance knowledge however, you would like to turn that knowledge into action and tangible results

What You Are Looking For

However what you would really like to experience is:

  • You want to be a manager or leader who can perform at your best in any given situation
  • You want to be a performance focused leader who can bring out the best performance of your employees regardless of the situation
  • You would like to utilize your team members’ talents and skills, enabling them and your team to achieve their goals and objectives
  • You would like to achieve a high level of satisfaction by turning your knowledge and skills in tangible actions that have lasting results

What You Receive

High Performance Coaching is designed to help people refine and grow their performance skills, resulting in better performance and ultimately, in improved results for the organization in the form of increased revenue and productivity.

This type of coaching is geared towards people who have experience in performance situations and are looking to improve their performance, along with people who have newly acquired performance skills and are seeking to refine these skills.

These coaching sessions are aimed at elevating the participant’s current level of performance through a series of performance assessments, skills development and the creation of an action plan. We assist the participants in establishing goals and action plans founded on the Peak Performance Mindset and Action Planning models. We then track actions and outcomes, and refine the goals, objectives and action plans as we move forward to achieving those goals.

High Performance Coaching is suitable for individuals in various roles within their organizations. The coaching program is designed to assist with unlocking the performance potential of each individual and focusing on accountability, choices and actions of each person and their outcomes.

High Performance Coaching is all about performance development in high potential people.

Next Steps

It often helps to move things forward when we speak with the coaching sponsor to understand how coaching will assist the participants to further their development.

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