The DNA of Performance

The DNA of Performance workshop will give you the performance knowledge, strategies and skills used by top performers in business and elite level athletics. You will learn how to recognize performance opportunities during times of change and uncertainty that will enable you and your organization to thrive instead of just survive.

What’s in it for me: “To stay competitive & innovative in today’s world you must always be looking for ways to learn new skills and improve performance.” This often leads to results for an organization such as:

  • Increased productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Increased  sales and market share
  • Achieving new goals and objectives with more satisfaction and ease
  • Increased  employee motivation and retention

About the Program

The DNA of Performance workshop is founded on the knowledge, strategies and skills of high-level performance. Participants who take this workshop will experience increases in their performance when they apply The DNA of Performance knowledge, strategies and skills.

Some of the workshop benefits are:

  • Learning the knowledge, strategies and performance skills that enable people, teams and organizations to thrive during times of change and uncertainty
  • Learning to recognize and capitalize on opportunities during times of change
  • Obtaining a blend of practical examples that give you a comprehensive understanding of performance and mindset skills you can apply immediately
  • Learning how to stay focused on accomplishing key daily tasks that have a direct impact on your bottom line

The workshop is founded on performance and positive psychology with practical examples that give participants a comprehensive understanding of high-level performance and mind-set skills. Workshops are between 1-2 days for 6-12 participants.


Do any of the following statements sound true to you?

  • You have established achievable SMART goals, but other priorities surface and you find yourself doing the “other” things
  • Your team members seem to be doing counter-productive activities daily
  • You find yourself with not enough time in your day to accomplish all you really need to do, you are working in the “Time Crunch” zone
  • You constantly feel a sense of panic when you are trying to meet deadlines
  • Quarterly and annual objectives are not being achieved and you are not sure why
  • You feel your performance objectives are constantly changing, and you find yourself working with a feeling of frustration.

What You Are Looking For

However, what you would really like to experience is:

  • A  greater sense of satisfaction when working towards and achieving your goals
  • Enjoyment and professional satisfaction achieving your goals and reaching your performance objectives
  • The ability to achieve larger goals with the feeling and sense you can achieve more
  • Discovering and capitalizing on opportunities that arise during times of change and uncertainty
  • Lead a team where everyone is achieving their goals
  • Direct impact on improving the overall performance of the organization
  • Recognizing situations without solutions, without any sense that it’s a problem, but an opportunity to improve performance

What You Receive

The DNA of Performance workshops delivers the following to all the participants:

  • You receive a tailored high-level performance workshop that addresses your actual organization’s objectives, goals and challenges
  • Proven performance skills founded on performance and positive psychology and real life organizational challenges
  • Specific performance knowledge, strategies and skills you can start applying inyour organization immediately
  • Performance action planning and mindset skills you can start applying to improving performance and reaching your goals
  • A new creative perspective that enables you to see opportunities within challenging situations
  • Teaching methods: interactive lectures, group activities, role playing and case studies
  • Up to 12 participants, 1-2 days

Next Steps

It often helps to move things forward, when we speak with the workshop sponsor to understand how this workshop will assist the participants in furthering their development.

For a private complementary performance consultation, contact us using the form below or phone us directly at 416-429-1247.