Performance Consulting

Human performance consulting is a systematic method of identifying the real root performance issues and creating performances solutions that, when used, can eliminate the performance challenges and raise the level of performance of teams and organizations. Actus Performance Inc. work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources to ensure performance knowledge and skills are transfer to the client.

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The DNA of Performance

The DNA of Performance workshop will give you the performance knowledge, strategies and skills used by top performers in business and elite level athletics. You will learn how to recognize performance opportunities during times of change and uncertainty that will enable you and your organization to thrive instead of just survive.

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Advanced DNA of Performance

The Advanced DNA of Performance workshop is designed to give you high-level performance knowledge and skills used by elite level performers in business and athletics. You will learn how to leverage your current performance opportunities into greater achievements. You will not simply learn how to perform well, you will learn how to be a performance leader within your organization and industry.

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Perform Like a High-Level Performer Boot Camp

An intensive 2-day program for leaders that need to improve the performance of their organization. Leaders learn quickly and powerfully the performance knowledge and skills necessary to move an organization to higher levels of performance.

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High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching is designed to help people refine and grow their performance skills, resulting in better performance and ultimately, in improved results for the organization in the form of increased revenue and productivity. This type of coaching is geared towards people who have experience in performance situations and are looking to improve their performance, along with people who have newly acquired performance skills and are seeking to refine these skills.

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