Setting the Big One

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It’s the start of the New Year and you have some “big” goals you want to achieve. These goals could be personal or career-related. You are feeling highly motivated about achieving these goals, then four weeks pass, and you find yourself off track and back into your old habits.

This scenario is all too common, in fact, it’s the one reason people have stopped setting big goals for themselves at the start of a new year. They know they are going to fail. If this sounds familiar to you, try these strategies as you move towards achieving your big goals for the New Year.

Set micro goals Breaking your big goals down into smaller actionable steps, helps to keep you focused and energized towards achieving your goals. It’s the small positive actions you take daily that will help keep you motivated towards achieving your big goal.

Review accomplishments Set aside some time to review what you have accomplished. Get into the habit of doing this daily; this will give you the ability to “see” what you are actually achieving and where you have to make adjustments.

Support team Find a group of people who will support you along your new journey towards achieving your big goal. These people could be people who have already achieved what you are seeking to do, or they can be a positive sound board when you run into challenges along your journey.

Remember, setting big goals at the start of a new year is not a bad thing. However, it is important to plan “how” you are going to go about achieving these goals.

All the best in achieving your highest performance.


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