What Happened to Mental Toughness in the Workplace?

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – Unknown

I sometimes find myself smiling at these types of motivational quotes. Kept in context, they can serve as a source of motivation and perspective when we incur challenges in our lives. I have been fortunate in both my professional and athletic life to have learned firsthand what it takes to be world-class, and how to put in your best performance each and every day. I know how important motivation is and how it can affect daily performance. Like a good athlete and a business professional, I understand the importance of metrics, looking at what is working and what is not, and addressing those challenges.

One recent metric I am astounded by is the cost of workplace mental illness. The numbers are in, and it is estimated that mental illness is costing the North American economy well over $100 billion a year and that figure is expected to continue growing. Can you imagine a high-performance team (business or sport) incurring this type of performance challenge?

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