Stand and Perform in the Area of Possibilities

ID-10066392Have you ever started in a new managerial role within an organization that was undergoing an enormous amount of changes? You come on board and the team sees you as one of “those new people”. You may feel uncomfortable getting acquainted with your new role and responsibilities, but as a professional you know that you have to fulfill the responsibilities you were hired for.

You look around and talk to the team members, and you start understanding that their “old” way of operating is radically changing, and you are viewed as one of those radical changes. The way things have operated for some time is now being transformed.

After a few weeks in the new role, you realize it’s not the high-performance culture you were led to believe it was – not yet, that is. You see opportunities to be conservative, blend in, and make some minor improvements. However, as a high-performance manager, you realize that where you are standing is the area of possibilities – possibilities to turn your team and the organization into high-performers.

This is your area to perform and deliver the best possible performance solutions, and it really comes down to some basic performance guidelines that progressive and innovative organizations follow.


It might sound a little dated, but the vision of an organization is still critical, even if sometimes brushed over too quickly when performance challenges are enormous. In our fast-paced world the organization’s vision still gives employees a sense of direction, grounding them when times are changing within their culture.

Internal Envisioning

Leaders and managers must ensure people know what is expected of them. They can achieve this by giving the employees clear direction of what needs to be accomplished. Then they must have the strength and discipline to step back and give team members latitude, allowing them to develop innovative and result-focused solutions.

Challenges are Opportunities

People, teams and organizations need to see the challenges and obstacles as growth opportunities. The more successfully they can recognize the opportunities and act on them, the faster organizational performance will improve, leading to increases in cost savings and profitability.


The ability to stop and change direction at the micro level in order to keep the organization moving towards its goals and objectives is critical. This type of team performance skill is created by managers and leaders who give their people latitude to perform their job.

Opportunities for improving performance are everywhere – in any department, within any business or organization. The key to turning those opportunities into performance results is the ability to recognize the possibilities, create the possible solutions, and act, while retaining the ability to quickly remove solutions that are not working. This will keep the momentum of performance improvement moving forward.

Turn Your Knowledge into Action

As a leader or manager, how are you recognizing and action on the performance improvement opportunities within your department?


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All the best in achieving your highest performance.


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