Organizational Performances-the Missing Element

Business PeopleYou and your team have been working long days, nights and weekends preparing to pitch a new client. Finally the day has arrived and you are hoping to land this client. Your team’s presentation was stellar, they handled all the questions and concerns the client raised. As you look around the boardroom, you can tell the client has been impressed. A few days go by and you receive the call. You have won the business.

This new client is worth millions of dollars to your company, and the president wants to celebrate the new business with you and your team. You tell the team they have won the business and suddenly you find yourself in an awkward position. The team members are happy but not overjoyed as you had hoped, and there is almost a sense of demotivation within the team. You are confused.

Memorable performances go way beyond the quantifiable numbers and the end results we are trying to achieve. If you stop and think about some of the greatest performances you have seen or experienced, there are certain qualities that lead to great performances.

In athletics – and in business – there is usually an element of insurmountable challenge that a person or organization (“the underdog”) is facing. There is also the competitive environment they find themselves in – one filled with challenges and opportunities.

But hold on for a moment! There is the ultimate outcome that must be achieved. What are the odds of reaching great results under enormous and challenging conditions? What’s going to make the people, teams and organizations step up and move towards achieving this outcome?

It’s the human element that is the catalyst for organizations to have truly extraordinary performances. The degree of commitment towards achieving these goals and the confidence the teams possess is essential. How does your team handle setbacks? Are setbacks acted upon quickly, leading to productive actions?

As a matter of fact, what we remember about great performances is the human element. It’s what we will always remember and talk about. It’s not necessarily the achievement that stays in our minds, but it’s the method by which people are managed, coached, and led through the performance process. Oddly enough, when organizations focus on the process, great performances (e.g., winning a new piece of business, developing and launching a state-of-the-art product) are natural outcomes.

When winning teams operate this way, they will be more than happy to celebrate their wins.

Turn Your Knowledge into Action

1) As a leader or manager, how are you incorporating the human element into great organizational performances?

2) What do you recall the most about great performances within your organization?


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