Who are Your Mentors?

MentorThere are lots of new demands and challenges organizations face. A majority of these challenges involve the human capital of the organization and determining how people will excel in their roles. The need to be more efficient and effective, the need to be more innovative and cutting-edge all revolves around the organization’s human capital.

Mentoring programs often get over looked within organizations. Perhaps it is due to the fast pace nature of business, and the fact that mentoring is not always seen as a business necessity. Mentors however can be an employee’s powerful ally and the person who will challenge employees to move out of their comfort zone. Given the human capital challenges most organizations face, it might be time to start leveraging mentors as a valuable resource to improve performance and retain quality people.

Here are some benefits of mentors.

Improve Commitment

Often when people find themselves with a challenging task at hand, their commitment might start to fade over time. Having a mentor to review a person’s goals ensures they are taking actionable steps towards these goals every day. This will help strengthen a person’s commitment towards achieving their ultimate goal.

Strengthen Confidence

Everyone at one point over their career has lost confidence working towards achieving a significant goal. It’s a normal part of the performance process. A mentor can play a key role in helping a person maintain confidence. For example, a mentor helping a person work through failures and setbacks will help them remain positive and confident.

Continue Learning

Often mentors have already achieved certain goals that a person might be striving for, and is able to give advice and guidance. This knowledge exchange and learning allows the person to avoid some of the setbacks that they might have encountered if left to their own devices.

Is a mentor program right for your employees? If you want to consider it, reviewing organizational goals and objectives is a great place to start. Then you can determine the benefits of starting a mentor program.

All the best in achieving your highest performance.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net