Welcome to Actus Performance

Welcome to Actus Performance blog!

Moving into 2013, we are almost certain to face challenges within our organizations that will require new skills well beyond our current professional skills in order to achieve organizational performance objectives and remain competitive and innovative.

Through this blog, I will bring to you the latest and innovative organizational and performance strategies used by individuals and leaders within high performing organizations.  I will often share with you personal stories from both my professional and athletic background and how the two worlds interconnect when it comes to high-level performance. Yes, sport does imitate life.

Very often, I will examine real performance challenges facing many teams and organizations that are expected to perform well everyday in the areas of: sales; operations; management and leadership. Going simply beyond just writing about these performance challenges I will give you some key strategies and actions you can apply that will have an immediate impact on performance.

Humor and performance sometimes work in tandem. Looking at today’s typical organization “production” model for human capital often reveals some rather humorous insights into why organizations often struggle in achieving their performance objectives and goals. From a pure human performance standpoint, you will gain an understanding why such operating models just don’t work in today’s world.

I will also shed some light on how minor shifts in performance can move individuals and organizations from good to great to exceptional levels of performance, leading to an organization of high-level performers.

Please enjoy this blog and always feel free to contact me by email or phone if you would like to discuss how I can help you elevate your performance.

All the best in achieving your highest performance,