Ready to work beyond 65?

I grew up in the city of Mississauga, just West of Toronto, and the only mayor I ever knew was Hazel McCallion. Hazel was the mayor of Mississauga until the age of 93. Hurricane Hazel, as she is often referred to, not only helped create the city of Mississauga, but also redefined how one remains […]

The Big Presentation

A big presentation can be one of the most challenging and important performances for any professional. It can range from presenting the latest market research findings to an executive team to pitching a large client. It is said that public speaking is the number one fear of most people, and it’s no wonder, standing up […]

The Unknown Future of Work

The future of work is an ever-evolving topic raising such questions as: What type of work will people be doing in the future? What skills will be needed? And what is the role of technology such as artificial intelligent (A.I.). There are lots of questions about the future of work however, the truth of the […]

It’s Time to Thrive Instead of Survive

The modern day work world is filled with challenges and competing priorities. Whether you’re a top executive who is expected to deliver positive quarterly results in addition to being a visionary who leads thousands of people, or you are the person with12 hours of work to do each day, it seems survival mode has become […]

Do you make decisions or suggestions?

I once had a request from a client to help improve their team’s “speed to “market”. This team was amazing at developing great ideas. In fact, they enjoyed having brainstorming meetings; they would talk for hours about what to do next and make lots of suggestions and plans for next steps. The V.P. of this […]

Are you a master of not thinking?

One of the hallmarks of a high-level performance athlete is their ability to act without thinking. This might sound strange, and almost super human to perform this way, but these types of athletes know intuitively where the ball or puck will be, enabling them to respond to their opponents’ move immediately. While  watching a great […]

Who is holding you accountable?

Reinventing performance management strategies has gained much attention in recent years. Some feel that existing practices are outdated, while others believe that performance management practices have just been used incorrectly. Regardless of where you sit on the issue, the fact remains that if we are not accountable to any one person, goal, or objective, deadlines […]

We All Have Next Level Abilities

It seems no matter where people work, there continues to be an increasing focus on improving skills and abilities. This could be something as improving operational efficiencies or just being more effective at utilizing the skills and abilities of the people you lead. Regardless of the new demands and challenges we all face in a […]

Are you doing enough boring stuff?

How excited are you to complete those dull, and well, not so exciting tasks? The majority of us tend to place those tasks at the end of our ‘to do’ lists. Perhaps we might come up with reasons not to do them, such as I don’t want to make another call or I have done […]

Are You Celebrating Your Small Victories?

By now, we are in the process of working towards our 2016 goals. We know where to focus our time and attention in order to achieve these goals. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced world we have come to expect “overnight” results and success. This unrealistic expectation often leads to burnout and disappointment, and we may in […]