Silver Bullet Performance Solution

I am sure you have all heard the phrases “Learn these three simple steps and watch your sales increase by 100%”, or “Transform your organization into a high-performing organization after taking this workshop”. With just a small investment of time and financial resources you and your organization are well on your way to where it is you want to go. Too good to be true, isn’t it?  Yes, most of the time it is, but those claims sure do get our attention. A single silver bullet solution that will fix anything.

The single silver bullet approach rarely works, if ever, and I was reminded of this recently after reviewing the performance research Jim Collins (author of Good to Great and Great by Choice) has conducted. His research confirms what I have known for years (from the theoretical side of high performance) and more importantly, experienced (in business and elite-level athletics). He established simply that great performance is a process of quality performance actions carried out over a period of time in order to achieve a goal.

I once worked with a client who was looking for instant results from a single workshop (i.e., single silver bullet) for several performance challenges she was facing. This left me wondering what her current organizational performance culture was like. After meeting with her and establishing a clear sense of her organization’s performance objectives and challenges, I realized she was not ready for high-performance training and coaching, but instead required the establishment of some basic parameters for creating a performance culture.

When organizations establish a basic performance framework, focused on achieving impactful objectives, and are committed to the “performance process” of achieving these objectives, people within the organization will then start to learn and use performance and mindset skills helping them achieve their objectives and goals.

Great performing organizations always use a performance operating framework and are able to adjust the framework according to the challenges and opportunities they encounter. It’s through the performance process that people, teams and organizations start to create and refine their performance culture.

Exceptional performance starts to occur when investment into people and teams is beyond a single silver bullet solution and there is a long-term commitment to creating a performance excellences culture. Leaders and managers can then act as coaches and mentors to support the performance culture. Over time and with consistent use of high-performance skills, they can lead people, teams and organizations towards higher levels of performance, creativity and innovation.

Silver Bullet Performance Assessment

  1. Is your organization looking to improve performance with a single one-time solution?
  2. Do you and your organization have the correct performance and mindset skills in place required for high performance?
  3. What are the “silver bullets” your organization requires in order to elevate their performance?


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All the best in achieving your highest performance.